Settle In Sundays


Growing up, Sundays were meant for cooking sauce and meatballs, relaxing with the family, and settling in for some good food and great company. My mom would spend hours  browning the meat, mixing and frying her top notch meatballs, and slowly cook the sauce all day so that the juices of the meat soaked in adding the perfect flavor.

Sometimes we had ravioli or spaghetti or rigatoni mixed with ricotta cheese. Loaves of Italian bread would be cut up and a big salad would finish off the meal. Coming together over pasta every Sunday was a way to connect the family that was always going in different directions. With four kids and a dad who was often away during the week for work, it solidified what was important and that we were a unit that could get through anything.

When we all had our own families, for a very long time we kept the tradition of Sunday meals with whomever lived close by. Even if it wasn’t every Sunday, at least we kept the connection a couple times a month. Now that all our children are either on their own or in school, it gets harder and harder to get together. It’s easier to make excuses and only get together on holidays.

But that’s not what our family stands for. I have a wonderful time with my immediate and extended family. I miss not getting together every week. Of course with life as crazy as it is, maybe every week is too much to ask. But having a monthly Sunday where we can all settle in, share our stories, and enjoy our company is something I long for.

I plan to reinstate Pasta Sundays in the hopes that this tradition of love and family bonds will continue.

Each Sunday, I will share a family tradition. What is a family tradition that you remember as a child or have started with your own family? I’d love to hear about it!

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