What’s Cooking?

Photo by Alysia Thomas

Life can be so scattered. I often have too many pots on the burner and spread myself too thin. I tell myself that there are so many things I want to do. Life is too short. I have to get it all in now!

Instead of cooking what nourishes, I just add more stuff that in turn adds stress, because I’m ignoring what I really want. Then when my pots boil over and there is chaos in my kitchen of life, I wonder how it happened and get mad at myself.

When I remove all the burnt pots and the smoke has cleared, I see what matters. There is one pot on my stove that is steadily heating up, engaging all my senses,  and drawing my energy. This is what I want cook. This is what will nourish me. So I add only what will sustain it, what I truly need. Everything else can be on the back burner, until it’s time for it to cook or I decide that it will go in the trash.

How many pots do you have burning? Which one figuratively and literally nourishes you? Decide today and get cooking.

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