Take Your Time


I spent the month of December enjoying my family and friends and took the time for festivities and reflection. However, I also felt this deep urge to get organized and clear out what physically and mentally didn’t serve me any longer to make room for what brings me joy.

All I kept thinking about is my writing. It is my passion, and yet I find so many other activities that I absolutely have to do right now. When the day is over, I realize I haven’t written. Writing is the vehicle that drives me along my path and fits in with every mission that I believe in.

This clock is a reminder that I make my own time. I have the ability to use time how I want. Every single day is a clean slate for me to do what brings me joy, what fulfills my life purpose, and makes me whole. As I enter into 2017, I am setting my intention to carve out time every day to write.

What serves your soul/spirit and brings you joy?

How will you create that in your life right now?

What can you let go that no longer serves you, so that you can make the time for what does?

Write it down, set an intention and an action plan on how you will bring in what serves you and throw out what does not.

Happy New Year!


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